You HATE eCom… Don’t You?

That’s right eCom is never as easy as it seems…
For example a typical eCom system go something like this…

1. Jump through a bunch of hoops in an effort to identify a winning niche or area to target, and hope you get it right!
2. Scrape together $1000 Plus to secure you’re first shipment of stock… and wait
3. Providing everything went smoothly and you actually got the stock you ordered, you’re in business… well kind of.
4. Work out the safest, most trustworthy supplier… and start negotiating.
5. Sign up for a recurring plan with one of those high profile platforms e.g Shopify
6. This is the bit where you start trying to figure out how to get those dirt cheap Facebook clicks everyone keeps telling you about… Best of luck!

Truth is… Most people actually lose money with eCom

But you don’t have to be one of them… why take the risk when you can roll out simple, profitable and ‘risk free’ Targeted stores for less than $20?

And then virtually guarantee sale by offering visitors the best price from 7 leading online retailers.

Anyone Can Do This… It’s EASY, CHEAP & IT WORKS
Sure you have seen affiliate store builders before, but nothing like this. And none with a live price comparison engine built in

Let your customers find the best deal on your website… and profit regardless of what they buy and where they buy it from

 eCompare is about to explode  for obvious reasons…. This has never been done before and you have to see it.

Consider the potential… it builds your store in minutes… stock, content, listings, videos the lot. And then it enables visitors to search for and compare the best prices from 7 leading online retailer’s right there on your site/store – you get a commission regardless of who they purchase through or what they buy… Perfect

Brand new technology offers the best price from 7 different online retailers – store owner gets paid regardless of who the customer buys through.


The technology is called price comparison engine and what it basically does is find the best price for your customers so they stay on your site and are happy to buy through you because you gave them the best price.

Check my eCompare review for full features and details…

Lets say you have an ecom store… not one of those risky ecom ventures where you have to buy stock and hope it all sells… No what I mean is the no risk version of ecom… I.e you use a store builder to fill your store with stock from reputable platforms like Amazon and Ebay and then get a commission when someone buys.

Great No Risk
But will people actually buy from you… do they buy from you?
No – Then you need to see this


See for yourself – Click here and watch the demo

This is like rewarding your customers and at the same time turning them into happy customers. Take a look Now!